Hello & welcome. Yes I am “Mam” so if you are looking for anything to do with my one woman show please click SEVEN AGES OF MAM.  Otherwise have a mooch around here. I love to play real, relatable, characters who are battling against the odds somehow, maybe trying to right the wrongs or overcome or just cope, often with a good dollop of humour thrown in for good measure & typically with an emotional journey to travel. The type that make you laugh & cry at the same time. I love ’em ….. Bring ’em on!!  I hope you enjoy your visit smile

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Over the course of my career I have been blessed to have worked with extraordinary teachers, directors and actors in the USA, UK and Ireland, I am eternally grateful for their contribution to my craft and career.

Some of my favourite roles to date include:- The feisty, yet warm & compassionate Maureen in Alfonso Films gorgeous short, PAT, with Rosaleen Lenihan & Moe Dunford; Mary, the bighearted, resilient, matriarcal glue opposite Pat Shortt in the Gerard Barrett /TV3’s IFTA nominated SMALLTOWN, the straight-talking but weary hospital consultant trying to talk some sense into THE YOUNG OFFENDERS, Peter Foott/RTE/BBC and Maureen in two wildly different theatrical productions of THE BEAUTY QUEEN OF LEENANE.

“What O’Driscoll is master of is pause and sudden tangent. The surprise monologue, the hilariously detailed aside, the squirm of embarrassment, and the language of love and forgiveness and letting go. What O’Driscoll brings even more than the humour is the sudden abiding grief….. she’s of a piece….consummately acted, wholly believable…”

–  Simon Jenner, Fringe Review  – Re: Seven Ages of Mam 

“Pauline O’Driscoll gives an excellent performance as the droll depressive daughter” –  Marjorie Brennan, Irish examiner  – Re: Cosy 

I’ve had a ball over the last year :- bringing the multi-layered, warm, funny, heart-breaking wonder that is SEVEN AGES OF MAM to Brighton Fringe where audiences loved it, Fringe Review gave it a “MUST SEE SHOW” & it was shortlisted for BEST NEW PLAY by New Writing South/ Brighton Fringe; following Alfonso films’ PAT on it’s highly successful film festival run;  playing the twinkly eyed, “swiping right” mum in Bord Bia’s White Fish TV commercial; diving into the role of the driven, assertive, determined but troubled Detective Inspector Liz Delahunt in Avalon Films & Knightvision Prods soon to be released feature film DREDGES; and bringing the reclusive, quirky, depressed yet sardonically witty character of Ed to life in COSY written by Katie O’Reilly and directed by the late great Phillip Zarrilli (may he RIP) for Gaitkrash Theatre at Cork Midsummer Festival. 

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Photo Credits: Seven Ages of Mam – Rehearsal Shot  – C.P Kelleher • The Young Offenders – Peter Foott, Vico Films/BBC/RTE

Mary in Smalltown – Gerard Barrett, Blank Page Productions/TV3 •