What is Role Play for Industry?

Through playing out different work related scenarios with professional actors, participants have the opportunity to experience, learn and practice the appropriate responses and the specific skills needed in such circumstances. It can be delivered as one -to- one training or group training with a number of role play actors. The training is offered in conjunction with Teambuild.ie and is designed around your specific needs and requirements. 

Why use Role Play?

  • To develop and enhance the “soft skills” of your personnel, students or team: Communication skills, Self – confidence, Delegation, Influencing, Negotiation, Problem solving, Self-awareness
  • To learn and practice interpersonal skills: How to deal with difficult conversations; How to communicate negative feedback in a constructive way; How to recognise and address inappropriate behaviour in yourself and others; Conflict resolution; Morale boosting.
  • To aid learning of new skills and procedures by experiencing them.
  • To make your training more dynamic and memorable
  • Neutral feedback from actors trained to react in character and not as themselves. I short they won’t take any awkward or inappropriate behaviour personally.
  • As outsiders to your organisation, our role play actors sidestep the established relationships and hierarchies within the workplace. Participants aren’t faced with the awkwardness of roleplaying with a colleague or manager.

Our Role Play Actors

  • Fully trained professional actors.
  • Personal relevant experience of working in various industry sectors including: corporate, retail, customer service, education, medical.
  • Experts at crafting believable, relatable characters and scenarios that bring the issues/challenges you want to examine to life.
  • Highly skilled improvisors and devisors with the ability to devise and improvise within any scenario pertinent to your industry.
  • Work with your scripted scenarios.
  • Trained to respond naturally in difficult or awkward scenarios.
  • Provide a consistent experience for all participants ensuring an equal opportunity to learn and/or succeed.
  • Give constructive professional feedback in a supportive, encouraging safe environment. Feedback can be given both “in character” and “out of character”.
  • Have the utmost respect for their role-play training work and will approach your project with the preparation, dedication and enthusiasm it requires.

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  • Please let us know what sort of training you are looking for, any issues you want to address within your company, and what skillsets you'd like to enhance.