Anyone can learn to act with online classes in Uta Hagen’s technique

A simple, step-by-step approach to developing your acting technique.

Learn from an Uta Hagen trained teacher and professional actress.

 Learn from the comfort of your own home.


Work with the only acting coach in Ireland who has trained directly with Uta Hagen, the three time Tony Award winning actress, legendary acting teacher and author of “Respect For Acting” and “A Challenge For The Actor”  

Develop your acting technique and add to your actor toolkit by working through technical exercises designed specifically to enable an actor to work by themselves on their craft at home.

Experience the joy of exploring your creative side in a safe, familiar environment with one-to-one private coaching.

Go from wishing you had the time, courage, self belief to pursue your dream of acting to having the confidence to say “I am an actor”

Uta Hagen technique. Acting classes with Pauline O'Driscoll

Don’t let fear keep you from learning to act

Many people would love to try acting, but they allow a lack of confidence or fear of public classes to stop them. When you work with me, you’ll feel as if you’re learning how to act while wrapped in a cosy duvet. Our classes will be via zoom so you will be working from the privacy of your own home as you master the step-by-step technique developed by Uta Hagen and tested by time. It doesn’t matter what level you are at when you start, you will absolutely progress as an actor. Not only will you have quantifiable evidence of that progression which I hope will give you a real sense of fulfilment and achievement but you will also have a tool box of proven techniques to apply to any stage or screen role, audition, amateur or professional engagement.  

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Develop a strong acting foundation that will stand to you in any performance

I found Pauline’s classes really beneficial. My experience was so positive, I recommend her classes to everyone. I have used all of the techniques I learned in preparing for auditions/self tapes, filming and on stage.

Laura Reidy

Pauline is great at getting you to think of the specifics of your actions. I’m absolutely delighted to hear that Pauline is bringing the teaching of the Uta Hagen Technique to Ireland and online and look forward to working with her again!
Emma Walsh

Pauline gives a masterclass each time, you get to explore, question, perform, feel your emotions, and most of all Pauline’s class gives you the freedom to just let go knowing you are in a safe and secure environment.

Aaron Cowming

What is the Uta Hagen technique?

Uta Hagen first came up with the technique to solve the problems she herself was facing as an actor. She wanted a way to work on her own at home that would produce physically immersive and behaviourally realistic performances. The result was a step-by-step, practical approach that is easily understood, self-sufficient, produces quantifiable results and can be implemented immediately.

I came on the idea of working by myself at home to devise corrective exercises for all of the problems I was having by exploring personal behavior under a variety of circumstances.

Uta Hagen - A Challenge For The Actor

Acting teacher Pauline O'Driscoll giving online classes

Learn from the only Uta Hagen trained coach in Ireland

I am the only acting coach in Ireland to have studied personally with the late great Uta Hagen and I carry that torch proudly. From 1992-1995 I progressed through her technique and scene study classes in New York until I was honored to be invited to join the upper echelons of her Advanced Scene Study and Advanced Shakespeare classes. In more recent years I have also had the great privilege to reprise my studies of all things Uta with the wonderful trio Carol Rosenfeld, who I had trained with back in the 90’s, Mark Nelson and Theresa McElwee in HB Studio’s “Hagen Teacher’s Lab”

Here’s what Uta had to say about me way back in 1995:

Pauline O’Driscoll is a committed, hard-working and extraordinarily gifted actress. I highly recommend her. Her work is widely varied on characters ranging from classical to contemporary. She will be an invaluable asset to any serious theatre or film work.
Uta Hagen

A strong foundation in Uta Hagen’s acting technique will stand to you beyond your acting career, allowing you to find your space of creative freedom and joy.

1 one-to one Zoom class €90

6 one-one Zoom classes normally €540 now only €450

12 one-to-one Zoom classes normally €1080 now only €850 

Book a free 15 minute call now to apply. 

Working with Pauline brings a whole new dimension to your acting ability […] and what better way to learn than from an internationally acclaimed actress.

Veronica Henley

I took everything on board and to this day I use Uta’s technique to get in touch with my characters. Interestingly, I hadn’t heard of Uta Hagen’s methods before taking Pauline’s classes.

Denis Kiely

With great enthusiasm, I recommend Pauline’s classes to all aspiring actors, sign up now. It will be a transformational experience.

JC Robinson

Best Actor Nominee at the LA Indie Short Fest, Aug 2020

Pauline O'Driscoll, actor and teacher

About Pauline O’Driscoll

I am a wife and a mum of three who started late in acting; I’ve worked long and hard to be able to call myself an actor so I am very proud to do so. 

I was in fact actively dissuaded from a creative career so I went down the “sensible” route of a Bachelor of Commerce degree and a sales & marketing career before I plucked up the courage to follow my heart and train as an actor. I was living in Aspen, Colorado when I had the great good fortune to do a workshop with New York acting coach Alice Spivak (author of “How To Rehearse When There Is No Rehearsal“).  She persuaded me to move to New York where for the next four years I not only trained with her in her professional classes but I also did the full time programme she recommended at the HB Studio with the legendary Uta Hagen, who had been her teacher.  

I’ve been proud to call myself an actor ever since I graduated from there in 1995 and while I’ve never stopped training and growing as a performer; doing numerous courses/workshops including gaining an ALAM Dip from LAMDA everything I’ve ever learnt is built on the strong foundation I got from my training in the Uta Hagen technique from Alice Spivak, Carol Rosenfeld and the legendary Uta Hagen herself. 

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