Laura Reidy

I found Pauline’s classes really beneficial. My experience was so positive, I recommend her classes to everyone. I have used all of the techniques I learned in preparing for auditions/self tapes, filming and on stage. I genuinely feel the exercises have made me stronger and more confident performer. Pauline’s classes helped me to really look at the character, their background and what they are feeling in that particular moment in the scene which I think helps give life to who I am trying to portray. Pauline give me so much individual focus and attention, always ensuring she get the best from every student. me. I learned so much from Pauline’s Uta Hagen technique class and her Scene Study class was a fantastic way to utilise those techniques while having Pauline there to help me perfect things further. As a teacher she is excellent. She explained things very clearly, and there was always a space to ask questions or seek clarification. She is extremely honest with her feedback, but in such a constructive way that let me know she were determined to make me better!

I found the Six Questions extremely useful and use them for every single piece I work on now.

My experience of working through the Exercises was great. Not just in my own exercises but also watching others and hearing the feedback they were given. It helped to really understand it more. I felt I moved from being so concerned with the dialogue to realising how important it is to just be present in each and every moment of a scene and how interesting it can be to watch someone doing mundane everyday activities, provided they are full and present while doing so.
The Changes Of Self (phone call) exercise was the one that affected me most. Having three different phone calls showing three different parts of myself helped me to realise that for any role, there are parts of my personality I can tap into to try and best portray that character. Not long after the phone call exercise I played a part where I had to switch between talking to my mother and my young daughter on the phone. The exercise was hugely useful in preparing for this. I always use the fourth wall exercise when on stage.

We had loads of exercises for warming up both physically and vocally. I still use these all the time. Just yesterday I was recording audio for something and all the tongue twisters were in full use! Before going on stage I use these exercises too.

I had not heard of Uta Hagen’s Technique before Pauline’s class. I bought Uta Hagen’s book “A Challenge For The Actor” for Pauline’s class and I have used it so much since, incorporating all the nuggets of information Pauline gave me along with it

Aaron Cowming

I was suffering from depression and needed an outlet to help myself heal when I first met Pauline O’Driscoll. I decided to take acting classes at the IFA and I was lucky enough to have Pauline O’Driscoll as a mentor and teacher. Pauline first and foremost is passionate about acting and getting the best out of every student she works with. She instilled me in the passion that I needed to get myself to a place where I could trust myself as an actor and take on any role and allow that character to materialise and live truthfully.
Pauline gives a masterclass each time, you get to explore, question, perform, feel your emotions, and most of all Pauline’s class gives you the freedom to just let go knowing you are in a safe and secure environment.

Since taking Pauline’s class I have had some acting roles that required pulling from the techniques which I had been so brilliantly taught by Pauline.
I can’t recommend Pauline highly enough. Pauline cares which is so important, she loves the craft and that is clearly evident. It was an honour to have been a member of her acting family.

Emma Walsh

I was lucky enough to attend a term of classes with Pauline a few years ago. I always looked forward to Pauline’s classes and learned from both participating in the exercises and observing Pauline working with others .Like Pauline, the Uta Hagen technique is very practical. It’s all about learning to behave (or “act”) realistically in imaginary circumstances. Self-observation and preparation are key to creating authentic action and natural behaviour. And Pauline is great at getting you to think of the specifics of your actions. I’m absolutely delighted to hear that Pauline is bringing the teaching of the Uta Hagen Technique to Ireland and online and look forward to working with her again!

Veronica Henley

Working with Pauline brings a whole new dimension to your acting ability. Pauline is an Uta Hagen trained actress, it is this unique set of skills that sets her apart. Having attended her classes, I can say I found Pauline’s work ethic to be authentic and truly honest. Pauline brings a wealth of knowledge to your catalogue and what better way to learn than from an internationally acclaimed actress.

Denis Kiely

The approach employed by Pauline made the experience stand out from many other classes I’ve taken. At every moment I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, comradery and most importantly, the education.

Pauline conveyed the class material in a very easy to understand way. I took everything on board and to this day I use Uta’s technique to get in touch with my characters. Interestingly, I hadn’t heard of Uta Hagen’s methods before taking Pauline’s classes.

Pauline’s warm-up exercises got everyone in the right frame of mind and body. This also helped make the classes and scene study an even more enjoyable experience.

JC Robinson

Best Actor Nominee at the LA Indie Short Fest, Aug 2020

I had the pleasure of being a part of Pauline’s classes in the Uta Hagen technique and found the experience to be extremely significant in my development as an actor. Pauline is a clear and engaging teacher; the classes combine the fun of “play” with a process of learning techniques that are key to the modern realism in acting that we all observe in the performances of today’s leading actors.

When I started Pauline’s classes I was not familiar with the work of Uta Hagen. The fundamental technique is simply stated but requires much practice and the guiding hand of a teacher who is well versed in its application. Pauline draws on her own experience as a past student of Uta Hagen and brings that first-hand knowledge to her classes along with her own experience as an accomplished actor who has applied the approach to many acclaimed performances.

So, with great enthusiasm, I recommend Pauline’s classes to all aspiring actors, sign up now. It will be a transformational experience.

Eoin Burke

Pauline O Driscoll was one of the first and one of best acting teachers I have had. Pauline studied with the legendary Practitioner , Uta Hagen, while she lived in New York . Those teachings which she passed on to me , have been invaluable to my development as an actor. Pauline is tough but fair and instilled a confidence in me that has not only made me a better actor but a more rounded person.

Keela Murray

Pauline is by far one of the best teachers I have ever had. I would continue taking classes with her in a heartbeat if I could. I couldn’t recommend her enough. She prepares her classes very well. She explains her classes very clearly and is always willing to help you with whatever you need. I was very very happy with every class that I took with Pauline.

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