In 50 years … one of the best actors I have had the pleasure of working with … great versatility in both comedy & drama, from strong to delicate .. imbues her characters with great humanity, empathy & sympathy .. detail & depth she brings to each performance is exquisite. Her effect on an audience is mesmerising .. ultimate story teller.”

Tom Kibbe

Director/Producer/Casting Director/Acting Coach - MA, NYU

Pauline O’Driscoll gives an excellent performance as the droll, depressive daughter” 

Marjorie Brennan

Irish Examiner - Re: Ed in Cosy by Katie O'Reilly, Cork Midsummer 2019

A fine & fearless actress .. characteristic hard work .. heightened sense of artistic responsibility”

Alice Spivak

Director, On the Road Theatre Co & author of "How to Rehearse When There Is No Rehearsal.”

Consistently imaginative … emotionally full & truthful … a wide range …. comedic, dramatic, contemporary or classical ….. I recommend her without qualification.”

Carol Rosenfeld

HB Studio, The Hagen Institute, author of "Acting And Living In Discovery" & the Hagen Technique chapter in "Training Of The American Actor".

What O’Driscoll is master of is pause and sudden tangent. The surprise monologue, the hilariously detailed aside, the squirm of embarrassment, and the language of love and forgiveness and letting go. What O’Driscoll brings even more than the humour is the sudden abiding grief. And what she gets more than grief is life-affirming humour, and what she gets most is utter exhaustion…. No, she’s of a piece. This is consummately acted, wholly believable, the most original riff on the Seven Ages I’ve seen, and so beautifully subsumed you might not notice it at all.

Simon Jenner

Fringe Review - Re: Seven Ages of Mam at Brighton Fringe 2019

Committed, hard-working & extraordinarily gifted. I recommend her highly

Uta Hagen

3 time Tony Award winner, author of "Respect for Acting" & "A Challenge For The Actor

“Frighteningly realistic …. Pauline O’Driscoll is sympathetically wretched as Maureen…… captures the poignant vulnerability …” – 

Julie Watterston

The Stage - Re: Beauty Queen Of Leenane, Haymarket Production, Basingstoke.

“two virtuoso performances by two incredible actresses” 

Graham Bye

The Observer - Re Beauty Queen Of Leenane, Haymarket, Basingstoke.

“disturbingly believable .. Pauline O’Driscoll is superbly so.” 

Kevin Catchpole

British Theatre Guide - Re: - Beauty Queen Of Leenane, New Vic Production, Stoke on Trent.